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Select the best space for your event.

Lyceum conference spaces are currently available to rent.

The Lyceum offers the Wheaton Room which can hold up to 15-18 people and the Hanley Room which can hold up to 8 people.  We offer two conference centers that can be combined for larger conferences or those needing breakout/dining space for a maximum capacity of 250.  Conference Center 1 can be set up in various configurations to ensure that your meeting is a success. You’ll choose from design layouts that include: U-Shape, Classroom, Lecture, Hollow Square.  Conference Room 2 offers round tables with seating to accommodate 80.

Conference Center 1

A spacious and gracious venue for larger lectures, annual meetings, and events.


  • Training Sessions
  • Lectures, seminars, workshops meetings
  • Retirement and Holiday parties, Music Rehearsales or Art Performances
  • Projector (with HDMI laptop connectors) and 10-foot screen
  • State of the art audio/visual system
  • 2 Balconies
  • Podium and Microphones
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Registration Space
  • Prep Kitchen
  • Handicap Accessible

Conference Center 2

A spacious and gracious venue with beautiful natural light for breakout sessions, dining, workshops, lectures, meetings, and other events.

Capacity: 80

  • Trainings and breakout sessions
  • Lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings, meetings
  • Retirement & holiday parties
  • 2 Banquette Stations for Food and Beverages
  • Round tables with comfortable seating
  • Podium
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Intimate Lounge/Meeting Space with Wi-Fi and a View
  • Handicap Accessible

Wheaton Conference Room

Comfortable meeting space with modern technologies.

Capacity: 18 people

  • In-Person Meetings
  • Hybrid Remote Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Planning
  • Board Meetings
  • Microsoft Surface Hub 2s for video conferencing with audio teleconferencing add-on
  • White board
  • Wireless Internet access

Hanley Conference Room

An intimate space appropriate for work groups

Capacity: 8 people

  • In-Person Meetings
  • Hybrid Remote Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Cart Mounted Microsoft Surface Hub 2s (video conferencing cabable)
  • Audio teleconferencing
  • White board
  • Wireless internet access

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